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About Us


We are one of Premier financial advisors in India, providing a complete range of financial solutions. We started our advisory business from BEAWAR (Rajasthan) from January 2000.

We offer Investment Advice to High Net Worth as well as Retail Investors. The products being serviced currently include investment in Fixed Income schemes, Mutual Fund Schemes and Insurance.

We always keep our investors up to date on latest market changes and review his portfolio regularly. Our end-to-end personalized investment management services includes planning, advisory, execution and monitoring of investments.

The objective is to preserve and enhance your wealth and achieve your financial goals.


Financial Planning

Financial goal of each individual investor varies according to his dream, ambition and family size and future financial planning for the children & old age pension for self and wife so does the pathway to achieve it.

At Investment Point, we apply the principles of Financial Planning as both science & art, we understand the time horizon , risk bearing capacity and investment goals of investors keeping in mind their psyche and financial needs. Based upon this we help individual investors plan their entire life upto Retirement, Taxes, Insurance needs and other important personal financial goals.


We offer ‘need based’ Investment Advice to retail investors. We offer investors advice on a range of over 100 investment schemes including Fixed Income, Equity and Debt Mutual Fund products. We also offer Life Insurance Planning and General Insurance services.


  • Mutual Funds
  • Life Insurance
  • Mediclaim & other General Insurance
  • Investment Consultancy (Fixed Deposit & others)
  • Equity and Derivatives broking
  • RBI Relief funds and Infrastructure Bonds

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